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About EverUplift

A Passion for Technology
I'm Steve Eversen, owner and CEO of EverUplift LLC. I've been immersed in technology since before the Internet era, constantly adapting to the rapid changes in the field throughout my life. As the owner of EverUplift LLC, I use my extensive experience to find practical solutions for today's complex tech challenges. This means staying ahead of the curve, engaging with the latest technologies, and crafting strategies that resonate with diverse industries. My lifelong commitment to technology allows EverUplift to approach challenges with a broad and insightful perspective.

Principal Cloud Engineer and IT Infrastructure Architect
In my previous roles, I led exciting and vital projects as a Principal Cloud Engineer and Architect. From planning and executing cloud migrations to designing and implementing multi-tier web and database environments, I've been at the helm of innovation. These experiences in architecting, planning, and execution directly shapes EverUplift LLC's approach to excellence and innovation, turning challenges into opportunities for optimization.

Focused on Your Needs
At EverUplift, the work is tailored to understand your specific needs, providing solutions that align with your goals. Whether it's implementing a customized Azure-based cloud architecture or guiding a seamless migration of a legacy system to a virtualized environment, my focus is on delivering what's best for your business. This approach ensures efficiency and fosters innovation tailored to your unique requirements.


Leadership and Collaboration
I've spent years leading and working with diverse teams, managing budgets, and collaborating on large-scale projects, such as company acquisitions, datacenter migrations, and infrastructure optimizations. EverUplift builds on this experience, offering the guidance and direction needed to navigate the complex world of IT, creating strategies and solutions that resonate with decision-makers across various levels of IT management.

Let's Work Together
With EverUplift, I'm excited to help you take the next step in technological transformation. Utilizing my deep expertise in areas such as Active Directory, Windows Server, Virtualization, Azure, and M365, I aim to be a valuable partner for your business. Whether it's advising on network design for improved connectivity or implementing automation to enhance productivity, let's join forces to reach your goals, drive innovation, and unlock new opportunities.


Your success is paramount and together, we'll uplift your IT practices towards operational maturity and excellence.

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